Car Seat Accessories

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  1. Diono Cuddle Soft

    Diono Cuddle Soft


    Great Support for newborns. Learn More
  2. Diono Dry Seat

    Diono Dry Seat


    Softly padded, waterproof protection that keeps car seats and strollers dry. Learn More
  3. Diono Grip It

    Diono Grip It


    Get a grip on car seat slip! Learn More
  4. Diono Sit Rite

    Diono Sit Rite


    Helps to level car seats and position them at the angle they should be at. Learn More
  5. Diono Super Mat Deluxe

    Diono Super Mat Deluxe


    Prevents child seats from slipping and has handy pockets for storage. Learn More
  6. Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe

    Diono Ultra Mat Deluxe


    Protects your car upholstery and helps to prevent seat from slipping. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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